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About Us


Our farm tradition was established over 100 years ago.....Free from pesticides and synthetic inputs. As current stewards of the land we take great pride in maintaining a sustainable & permaculture approach.

Customer Certified

Beyond the typical government definition of organic practices.........

We employ beyond the definition. 

CUSTOMER CERTIFIED as this is essential to our existence....Without your approval we do not exist.

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Our Customers are local families, friends, chefs and community retailers.....some you may know.  We sell direct to YOU so your family can save off retail. To be part of our family of buyers SUBSCRIBE BELOW.

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Who We Are


Dancing Feather Farm

Thank you for your interest in the great work happening here at DFF. The land where Dancing Feather Farm resides, was until recently, owned by the Reno family for several generations. The 74-acre land consisting of crop, hay fields and woodlands is some of the best prime land in the state as recognized by USDA and NOFA-NJ.  The historic activities ranged from producing chicken eggs with truck routes into Manhattan in the Fifties. To growing acres of organic tomatoes for Campbell Soup co. 

Today Dancing Feather Farm is essentially an Agricultural, Horticultural and Permaculture Business incubator site. Several ventures in varying stages are ongoing at the site, some are just beginning while others are on their feet. Although separate we ALL share in our common core principals.

  • Provide ONLY Customer Certified Products
  • Develop unique flavor profiles
  • Create products employing sustainable and renewable methods
  • Contribute to surrounding Ecosystems

Areas of interest:

Dancing Feather Farm ........   Growers of Customer Certified Organic perennial crops including Asparagus, Blueberries, Blackberries, Red and Black Raspberries, Gooseberries, Red and Champagne Currents, Elderberries, Hazelnuts, and other fruits. Our annuals consistent of 65 different crops with over 123 varieties. Private share CSA market style. The field/crop side of the farm is growing high quality organic feed for our animals and sells and donates the rest.


Dancing Feather Ranch...... Consumer-direct and Wholesale sales of Pasture raised, Grass fed Beef, Bison, Lamb, Goat and Poultry products.

All animals, when supplemented, are fed Non-GMO, All Vegetarian Diet

Our Pastures are planted with Perennial and Annual forage mixes and our Goats are finished with a custom blend of HERBS that can truly be appreciated at the table.  

Breeding is done ON-Farm for our selective customer base. Pre-Orders welcomed and we can grow to exacting standards. 

Our goats are of the best breed available. Bread for meat but also can be awesome companions and work goats. Looking for a family pet we have registered purebred Kiko goats from the USA and New Zealand …. ask for our current inventory. 

Our animals are pasture raised and free range graze on plants specific to their optimum nutrition and well being. Customer Certified Organic Poultry and Eggs. Seasonal Turkey, Pheasant, Quail, Venison, Bison. We ONLY sell whole animals prepared to your request by our OFF-Site Certified Butcher/Packer 

Future ventures are to included everything from flower farmers, medicinal herbs, manufacture of tinctures and salves, ethnic vegetables, mushroom farming, 

Our Farm offers a diverse farming lifestyle for those looking to make significant change one small step at a time. We welcome you to come and grow food with us and to be part of the next generation of progressive farmers. Join the movement and know where your food comes from and what you are feeding your family.

All enterprises are independent, self-funding ventures freely choosing to associate in order to create mutually beneficial synergies. Both collectively and independently, our WORK is intended to show, by living example, how we can produce the food, medicines and fibers needed for human economy while restoring ecologies and creating more equitable economic and social relationships. Together we all work for the success of the overall project. 

Wherever you go:

Create more than you destroy. Restore ecological balance. Grow more food, medicines and fibers than you can personally use, and distribute the increasing abundance. Join with others and encourage them to do the same!

Will you join us on our....


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